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Yushan Huang's blog
[in Chinese]

Women Make Waves
Film Festival

La Scie dorée

record label

Timo van Luijk
composer, musician,
sound artist

Space for
Contemporary Art

Art exhibition
at the CAS Munich
Oct. 2014

League of democratic,
anti-hegemonist writers

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Galtung: War Is 
A Crime

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The Future of War 
and Peace

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Global Confrontation

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Victoria Nuland Admits Washington Has Spent
$5 Billion 
to "Subvert Ukraine"

Zoltan Grossman
on the Extreme Right's
Role on Maidan Square
and in the Civil War

The Ukraine Crisis from 
Russia’s Perspective

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U.S.-Russia Bickering 
May Trigger 
Nuclear Fallout


"Wise Ukrainian leaders would [...] 
opt for a policy of reconciliation
between the various parts of their country." (H.A.Kissinger)

Galtung: Ukraine.
The Solution Is 
A Federation with
High Autonomy 

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John Pilger: In Ukraine, 
the US is Dragging Us 
Towards War with Russia

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Henry A. Kissinger, "How 
the Ukraine Crisis Ends" Washington Post, 03/05/2014

"In my life, I have seen four 
wars begun with great enthusiasm 
and public support, all of which 
we did not know how to end 
and from three of which we withdrew unilaterally. [Vietnam, Iraq, 
The test of policy is how it ends, 
not how it begins.
Far too often the Ukrainian issue 
is posed as a showdown: 
whether Ukraine joins the East 
or the West. But if Ukraine 
is to survive and thrive, it must 
not be either side’s outpost 
against the other — it should
function as a bridge 
between them." (Henry A.
Kissinger, at age 90; do some
people grow wiser 
in old age, or is it just his
old Macchiavellian realism?)

About 730,000 have left
Ukraine for Russia this year,
due to the war,
the United Nations agency UNHCR in Geneve says

August 3, 2014:
NATO secretary Rasmussen
warns that a Russian incursion into Eastern Ukraine to resolve the
humanitarian crisis in Donetzk
would mean war



Noam Chomsky
on Civilian Airliners
Downed, on Gaza, and
on How the West 

Poems for Gaza

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Zoltán Grossman,
New US Bases

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We Went to War.
A Film by by 
Michael Grigsby
and Rebekah Tolley
(“A masterpiece four
decades in the making... 
We Went To War 
is a meditation on 
the very nature of war: 
not just about Vietnam, 
it is strikingly relevant 
to any returning veterans, 
no matter the conflict. 
This film is [...] 
slow and serene but 
arrestingly powerful, it is 
a perfect example  of how 
a film like this 
should be made.” 
– Documentary Filmmakers 
Group (DFG))

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Angelo Evelyn

Ute Haring

Pavel Branko
Li Portenlänger

Lithographie Werkstatt
(Lithography Workshop)

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Reflecting on 
War and Peace

"White Doves at the Blue Mosque" by Peretz Partensky from San Francisco (Creative Commons Attribution -Share Alike 2.0 Generic license)

An old friend of mine wrote me recently, mentioning  in passing, as if it was a mere aside, that a cold wind is blowing from the East.



A. Howard,The Arts, Artists, 
Crisis and War. Looking Back in
Order to Understand the Present...

Is Eastward Expansion of NATO
At the Root of  A Major Crisis?

American Geopolitical Strategy 
in Europe Since 1990
On NATO Eastward Expansion - 
A Chronology of Developments

A Leaked Conversation - Proof of A
"Regime Change Strategy"?
[Full Text of Victoria Nuland Phone Conversation, 
in Englisch and German]

G. Moore, The Demonstrations
on Kiev's Maidan Square - Indications 
of a Democracy Movement?

Gregor Gysi (Left Party
on the Situation in Ukraine

Hans Olsen, A Plane, Shot Down - 
And A Lottery

Olga Swanson, UNHCR Confirms That 
The Fighting in Eastern Ukraine Has Already Resulted In A Major Refugee Crisis

J. Saunders, Words and Real Dangers

Martha Wols, Internal Problems and Outside Meddling. Where Will It Lead? 

Olaf Kohl,Den Frieden bloß erträumen?
Von der Verantwortung für ein 
friedliches Miteinander

War in Gaza, Iraq, Libya,
Yemen, Syria, Somalia,
Afghanistan, Pakistan...

César Valera Baeza, La Paz
y los horrores de la guerra

A. Zukofsky, Some Plain Talk on Gaza

Nora Lang, This Is One World,
After All

Hal Wolsey,The Drone War
Is Illegal

Ron Paul, Why Are We in Yemen?

J. Halloway, The Final Decade of
the Cold War: Soviet - American 
Confrontation in Afghanistan

Is There Anything Like 
"Humanising War"? Or
"Humanitarian War"?

J. Edmonds, Humaniser la guerre?
Philanthropy, the Red Cross and 
the "Humanizing" of Wars

Martha Golding, "Humanitarian Wars?"

*       *      *

Why War?

A Few Facts Regarding 
American Militarism
[The Military-Industrial Complex, Conflicts & War]

Countries with the biggest 
military expenditures in 2013

Arnoldo Hammer,The Causes of War 
and the Attempt of Lloyd de Mause
to Identify Them

John Waterford,War as a 
"Group-Delusional Solution" to
Internal Problems of a Nation and its Government? 

Militarization versus

Dan Horton,Can History "Repeat Itself"?
   The Link Between Weakened Democratic 
Rights of the People and Increased Danger of War 

Monique Hamburger,The Servants of 
the People (Governments, Parliaments) 
Have Been Arming their "Security" Forces Against the People for Decades Already

A. Boley, Demonstrations Are Necessary,
And It's Our Democratic Right 
 To Take to the Streets

Jacob Hauser, Who Is The Enemy?

Juan Mendoza, El Pueblo Unido

Historical Amnesia

Hirohima, Nagasaki:
In Memory ... And Craving 
A Future

Remembering the Greek 
War of Resistance 
against NaziGermany & the Civil War

British and U.S. intervention in 
Greek Politics (1945-1949)

The Pre-history of the
Korean War

Seoul Rejects Historical Probing
of The Massacres That Occured 
During the Korean War

David Koo,  Korea: A Different View

Kim Sowol, Die Strasse

Anti-War Protests

Jeju [Cheju] Islanders Say No
to the New Naval Base
Under Construction

Save Cheju Island

Poems, A Short Story, etc.

 Doug Anderson, Poem
[there are witnesses]

Vier Gedichte aus Korea
[von Pak Chong-hwa, Pak Tu-jin, Kim Chi-ha]

Ishikawa Takaboku, Soldiers / Soldaten

Urs Jaeggi, Non sfuggirai

Bob Dylan, Meister des Kriegs
[A new translation of 'Masters of War']

A.W., Deserters and Wanderers
Deserteure und Wanderer

Olivia McCain, The Separation

Ravi Shanker, Warm is the War

Sasidharan Cheruvattath, Poem

Chandramohan S., An Open Letter
to a Game Theorist

Laura Solomon, Sky Burial

Paintings, Photos, and
Sculptures, etc.

Jan Howard, Damn Dice

 G.O., Sonic weapon (LRAD) test

Carla Voss, Authentic Political Art
   [Paintings by Angelo Evelyn that reflect 
    threats of war, also of war on nature] 

Ma Jones, People's Art

Gregory Marsden, They See So Well

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Penn Kemp, Creative Aging

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