Laura Solomon

Sky Burial

I think I would like a sky burial – 
No photographs allowed as the vultures take me skywards.

I’d have to live in Tibet, get friendly with the locals – 
Earn somebody’s respect.  

Those gigantic birds would circle overhead,
Waiting patiently, then swoop, 
My body parts would be swept up in talon and beak – 
The easiest way to take to the sky.  

More practical than cremation
When the ground’s too hard and rocky to dig a grave – 
This would be my exit strategy.  

Instructions can be found in the Tibetan book of the dead
For this ceremony intended to help my spirit move on from 
The uncertain plane between life and death into the next life.  

Who’d want to be hanging around on planet Earth
When you could be digested by greats of the sky,
Something with a decent wingspan
And spend your after death, pre-digestion hours,
Hovering high in midair,
Waiting to be born again.  

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