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              Issue Number Ten            Spring  /  Winter 2010               ISSN 1618-2154
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De Witte Raaf


Giacometti exhibition
in Duisburg (Germany)

Angelo Evelyn

Pavel Branko

Article on A.Hrdlicka
in junge welt

backup copy of 
junge welt article

Colette Dubois on the 
Brussels art scene
(in:  H ART)

(backup copy of the
article by C. Dubois)

Interview with Chris Dercon
in: "Nachbar Belgien"

(backup copy 
of the  interview)

Leen Lybeer and
Vincent Halflants
at H8X12

Lithographie Werkstatt
(Lithography Workshop)

The Hortus Project

Films by Karin Mels
shown at Eichstaett

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The Giacometti 
in Rotterdam

Andreas Weiland
The Sculptures of
Alberto Giacometti
Seen in the Kunsthal Rotterdam
(Giacometti Exhibition,
Oct. 18, 2008 - Feb. 8, 2009)

Sculptures... the Public Sphere:

J. Weidenfels
Hrdlicka, Sculptor, Citoyen

A. B. Meadows 
  Jochen Gerz: Creative Stimulator 
of Participatory Art

Andreas Weiland 
(Re-)Discovering Zadkine

Contemporary Belgian

Works by Anne-Marie Klenes 
at H8x12 Space for Contemporary Art

Works by Jean Georges Massart 
at H8x12 Space for Contemporary Arts

Andreas Weiland
Sculptures by Vincent Halflants

Jean Fabre in Venice

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