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      Issue Number 12                        Autumn  2011                               ISSN 1618-2154
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Yushan Huang's blog
[in Chinese]

'Creating and Distributing 
Films Openly': On the
Relation between Women’s 
Film Festival and
Women’s Rights Movement
in Taiwan, in:
Inter Asia, Vol.4, No.1


Women Make Waves
Film Festival

Lai Shen-chon

La Scie dorée

record label

Timo van Luijk
composer, musician,
sound artist

Vincent Halflants / Leen
Lybeer retrospective

Space for
Contemporary Art

Luc Piron, Landscapes /
Landschappen (exhibition)

De Witte Raaf


Angelo Evelyn

Ute Haring

Pavel Branko
Li Portenlänger

Lithographie Werkstatt
(Lithography Workshop)

by Karin Mels
shown at Eichstaett

Dore O.

Werner Nekes

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Huang Yu-shan, a Chinese feminist 
filmmaker from Taiwan

 Huang Yu-Shan

We have all come to admire the films of Hou Hsiao-Hsien. We appreciate the work of Edward Yang, Ang Lee and others. In today's male-dominated world...

Azed Yu, Feminist Films 
with Literary Touches:
On Huang Yu-Shan’s Films

Azed Yu, Frauenfilme mit 
literarischem Touch:
Über die Filme von Huang Yu-Shan

Lai Shen-chon, A Glow of Art 
That Transcends the 
Floating World 
Huang Yu-Shan’s Film “The Strait Story”

Lai Shen-chon, Ein die dahintreibende 
Welt transzendierender 
künstlerischer Glanz 
Huang Yu-Shans “The Strait Story”

Andreas Weiland, "The Strait Story"
ein Film von Huang Yu-Shan 

A.W., "The Strait Story", 
a feature film directed by Huang Yu-shan

G. Markopoulos, Some Observations 
on "Spring Cactus"– 
A Film by Yu-Shan Huang 

Huang Yu-Shan / Filmography
(A Selection)

*     *    *

...a film by Werner Nekes

A.W., Werner Nekes'  "Musikfilm" 
Johnny Flash - Eine Hommage an 
Karl Valentin

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