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    Issue Number One                  Fall / Winter  2003                ISSN 1618-2154

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Angelo Evelyn
Kranenburg exhibition

Werner Nekes'
(Graz exhibition)


Street Voice

Intercultural Studies

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Poetry Readings by
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Art in Society,
2nd issue


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Andreas Weiland
Haddad Maurice: A Peasant Painter
in Touch with Sumer

Eight Paintings by Haddad Maurice:
A Poetical Reading

Rosa Gonzales
Saad el Girgawi - Expatriate Painter 
of Egyptian Society

Wilfredo Chen
 From 'Sad Melody' to the 
'Women of Luxor'

A. B. Meadows
Modern Middle Eastern Painting: 
Hammered by the Art Marketeers

Tomahawks Against Baghdad 
and an Exhibition at the American
University in Beyrouth (LAU)

 Riots? Looting?

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Our 2nd issue will feature articles on the 
Canadian painter Angelo Evelyn and 
on contemporary cinema.


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