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         Issue Number Nine         Summer  2009 / Winter 2009-10                   ISSN 1618-2154
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Street Voice


Angelo Evelyn

Pavel Branko

Th. Botz-Bornstein

Ute Haring

The "lithos-jura" site of 
Li Portenlaenger

Lithographie Werkstatt

The Hortus Project

Films by Karin Mels
shown at Eichstaett

The exhibition of 
Leen Lybeer
and Vincent Halflants
at H8x12
(Apr.17-May 2, 2010)

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Commodification, fetishization, 
questions of hegemony and of 
censorship in the arts

Jean Loewinson 
Tendencies in the Sphere of Culture and 
the Question of Hegemony 
The Visual Arts and Literature in the 
20th and early 21st Century 

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein
The Aesthetics of Frozen Dreams
Kitsch and Anti-Kitsch in 
Jeff Koons and Mariko Mori

Magdi Youssef 
Arab Fairy Tales in Disney Times: 
A Comparative Socio-Literary Approach

J. Weidenfels
Putting Zadek's Work as a Challenging 
Theater Director in Context
Sensuous 'Provocations' and the Struggle
between 'Anything Goes' and the 'Surviving 
Ossified Past' 

Joan Chen 
  About A Folksinger-Songwriter 
and How Her Art is Political 

A. B. Meadows
They Are Not to Be Separated: 
Art and the Business of Living 
A Few Thoughts about Art, the Artist, 
and the Public in the Context of 
Public Projects by Jochen Gerz 

Margot R. Lacroix
  Ueber Rezeptionsweisen 
und Rezeptionsbedingungen

Joan Chen 
  Art and Artists Subjected 
to What?  Intimidation? 
Blacklisting? Censorship?

Andreas Weiland
Surprising Glimpses
(On some visual art works 
by Gerd Ludwig)

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