The Eichstaett 'Hortus Project'
An interdisciplinary art project
Curated by Peter Poertner and Li Portenlaenger

Participating visual artists:

Paul Ballard (Saint Adele, Canada)
Chiho Kuroki (Bruxelles, Belgium / Tokyo, Japan)
Martin Koeppl (Herrenberg, Germany)
Karin Mels (Gent, Belgium)
Els Patoor (Brussel, Belgium)
Luc Piron (Louvain, Belgium)
Li Portenlaenger (Eichstaett, Germany)
Alain Verschueren (Brussel, Belgium)

Literary artists, performers, other participants:

Paul Amrod
Akos Doma
Gabriel Engert (Director of the Office of Cultural Affairs, The City of Ingolstadt)
Lorenz Gadient
Tomma Galonska
Eiko Hayashi
Michael Kleinherne
Dr. Klaus Walter Littger (Director, Dept. of Old Manuscripts, Cath. Univ. of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt [CUE-I])
Prof. Dr. Richard Nate (Dept. of English Literature, CUE-I)
Masako Ohta
Aiko Okamoto
Prof. Dr. Peter Poertner (Japan Center, Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich)
Dr. Angela Reich (Director, University Library, CUE-I)
Cami Tokujiro
Sayuri Tronsberg

The Location: Eichstaett, Bavaria - an old town by the Altmuehl river, situated in the picturesque Franconian Jura Mountains.

The sites of the art project:
(1) The University Library (Am Hofgarten 1)
(2) The Willibaldinum College
(3) The Media Center of the Eichstaett diocese
(4) Gotik der Volksbank Eichstaett
(5) The studio (or "Atelier") of the sculptor Guenter Lang (Am Salzstadel 1)

Guided tours by: Corinna Feucht and Jacqueline Koller

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