Love for sound, love for nature
The nature of sound, the sound of nature

Solo music project of autodidact improvising composer Timo van Luijk (Finland, 1967) mainly working with dismissed acoustic instruments, various (sound) objects and magnetic tape.

The music is based on structured improvisations creating free form arrangements.The intuitive and emotive aspect form the core of the musical approach. All publications are privately released on the label La Scie Dorée, on LP format only.

The actual Af Ursin live setting consists of applied mechanics of an old sewing machine and motorised percussion combined with a variety of acoustic instruments / (sound) objects and tape manipulation. An intimate set of reflective subtle primitivism partly amplified, partly acoustic.

Collaborations and group projects include work with Noise-Maker's Fifes, Onde, In Camera (with Christoph Heemann), Asra (with Raymond Dijkstra), Kris Vanderstraeten, Frederik Croene, Limpe Fuchs, Nurse with Wound, Tony Conrad.

Concerts in various formations took place in Europe, Japan and Russia.

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