Atelierhaus-Alte Schule-Essen

Aebtissinsteig 6  -  D-45276 Essen
Germany / Allemagne

The ART HOUSE or Atelierhaus 'Alte Schule' in Essen (Germany) has become a focus point of attention not only because of the well-received series of events and lectures, entitled "PERSONS - PROJECTS - PERSPECTIVES" that has seen Friederike Beck, Rita Bischof, Harun Farocki, Rike Felka, Claudia Gehrke, Paul Hofmann, Ute Holl, Urs Jaeggi, Werner Ruzicka, D.E. Sattler, Ana Zika  and many others present their works and their views with regard to art and its role in today's society.

It is a special place because it draws a very mixed crowd, of  young and old people, residents living in this blue-collar neighborhood, students, artists and intellectuals...

The concept of the 'Atelierhaus', as developed by Doris Schoettler-Boll, a well-known artist, is being translated into practice in a radical way: Art should not exist separately from our everyday lives (la vie quotidienne). We are to question the conditions of its production, searching for the factors and elements traceable to our physical existence, our real life, which reverberate in it.

The talks given and the works presented are not merely passively consumed. Usually, there are long discussions; the last participants in these discussion often leave well after midnight.
A long table in the atelier, with its food and beverages available free of charge  (and brought on the occasion by faithful visitors of the ART  HOUSE) contributes to the familiar atmosphere of the events.

A visit will also enable you to see recent and not so recent works by Doris Schoettler-Boll.

The 'Atelierhaus' in the 'Old School' of Essen (Steele) is situated right in the center of the Ruhr District. 
It is easily accessible by car (via the Ruhr Speedway / Ruhr-Schnellweg) and by the regional rapid transit system (the S-Bahn) which stops at [Essen-] Steele.

There is no entrance fee but donations are gladly accepted.
The events are sponsored by the city of Essen and the Sparkasse Essen.

For more information contact: Doris Schoettler-Boll
Check: Personen - Projekte - Perspektiven (in German)ür-kunst-medien-und-kommunikation.html

Atelierhaus für Kunst-Medien-Kommunikation
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