A.B. Meadows

Joris Ghekiere's Visual Story About False and True Needs, 'Displaced' Desires and Their Faintly Remembered Source

Taking part in the SPEELOVEN 03 exhibition, Joris Ghekiere has presented us with the silhouette of a head, in fact, the face of a woman.

Superimposed on it, we see more or less transparent, darker  and lighter, circular areas: "shapes" that seem like representations of air-filled, drifting balloons. Or like soap bubbles rising in the air, in front of this face. They are providing a sort of camouflage behind which the beautiful face that could have its source in an advertisement or the poster of a film star, seems to appear now no longer trivial and realistic but strange and as if surfacing in a dream.

How light-hearted and seemingly easy this 'Verfremdung' (or intervention that makes 'strange' what we see) has occurred! It is as if we discover, in the midst of the calculated commercial temptations of our time, behind the facade of the false and lonely dreams they evoke, a remnant of our real dreams, a faint trace of - or allusion to - our genuine desire.

Tentoonstelling / exposition
31.08. - 28.09.2003

[Participating artists:]
Karel Breugelmans / Johan Creten / Jorus Ghekiere / Allart Lakke / Michael Sailstorfer / Johan Slabbynck / Christophe Terlinden / Herman Van Ingelgem / Pieter Vermeersch / Jenny Watson

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