Karin Mels – Gent, Belgium
Digital shortfilms

Eichstaett, Germany, July 16 – Sept. 26, 2008

Panta Rei – 2006 (2 min. 12 sec.)

Streaming is the driving force in Panta Rei, in which out of an audiovisual chaos a  variety of contrasting image textures and (colour)sounds develop, finally resulting in harmony.  
According to Heracleitos (Greek nature philosopher, 6th century BC),  reality is constantly streaming and transforming.  Everything is ‘in the making’ and also the result of a struggle between contrasts. Fire is the fundamental element and the Logos, a controlling principle of the universe, regulates the underlying struggle between the elements.

Hortus Eystettensis – 2007 (6 min. 19 sec.)

One glances through an audiovisual book of the seasons. The essence of each season is pronounced by a geometrical figure, a particular colour 'palette' and a specific set of musical sounds. 

The Gardener’s Cabinet – 2008 (6 min. 25 sec.) 

In our contemporary urbanized circumstances, green and peaceful surroundings are scarce but highly indispensable. We are looking for spiritual green space within ourselves. The hortus is a place not only to consider the surrounding world, but also for introspection. In the hortus, both nature and culture meet.
From the central fountain of life in the hortus ground-plan, veins spring, along  which a game of forms, colours and light accompanies the course of the seasons. With a wink at the "chamber of art and miracles" (“Kunst- and Wunderkammer”). 

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