Entry into the "Guestbook" of Luc Coeckelberg
on the Occasion of his Exhibition
at H8x12 Space for Contemporary Art
Dear Luc Coeckelberghs,

   I'm thankful to you - and to Luc Piron - for being able to see your work. In today's world, with the loudness of television images and advertisements shouting at us, "minimalist" art works like your's let us breathe quietly, look closely, "listen" to the sensations inside us that are caused by what we see - the fine structures of a work for instance that seems abstract and "simple," of simple beauty, at first sight, and that has such infinite richness of almost "organic" forms which become visible as you perceive it more and more, noticing its variations of colors, of forms, its "melody."  I'm especially "in love" with 8 "rectangles," their variations of turquoise, and the way
they seem to "hover" in the air, so infinite, so very light, in front of - or slightly "above" - a pure whiteness, a whitewashed wall.

Nov. 7, 2008 
                                                                                                   -  Andreas Weiland