SLEEPWALK ["Sleepwalk/Year of the Dog"] (1986).
Directed by Sara(h) Driver
US 1986, 35mm, color, 78 min.
With Suzanne Fletcher, Ann Magnuson, Dexter Lee

Director: Sara DRIVER
Production Company/Companies: Driver Films (U.S.A); Ottoskop Filmproduktion (W. Germany)
Executive Producer: Otto GROKENBERGER
Production Manager: Rachel REICHMAN
(Source :
Production Coordinator: Camela Smyke 

Theatrical Release. 1/1/1986 
Distributed by: New Line Cinema  Theatrical Distributor; 
Gaudeamus  Theatrical Distributor (Finland)

Cast Credit
Suzanne Fletcher.        Nicole 
Ann Magnuson            Isabelle
Dexter Lee                  Jimmy 
Steven Chen                Dr Gou
Tony Todd                  Barrington 
Richard Boes              The Thief
Ako Ecco                   Ecco 
Harvey Perr                Matt
Jim Stark                    Detective 
Roberta Wright           Fence
Simon Daillie              Cross Me Kid 
Joe Dell'olio                Policeman
Bill Rice                      Man at Elevator 
K Vargas                    Boy at Elevator
Cora Fisher                Girl on Street 
Steve Buscemi           Worker
Barbara Klar             Worker 
Linda Yablonski        Worker
Sally Venue               Worker 
Cheryl Dyer              Worker

Writer Credits
Sara Driver  (Screenplay) 
Sara Driver  (From Story) 
Kathleen Brennon  (From Story) 
Lorenzo Mans  (Screenplay) 

Art Department Credit
Robert Cooney  (Art Director) 
Andrea Degette  (Art Director) 

Film Camera Credit
Frank Prinzi  (Director of Photography) 
Jim Jarmusch  (Camera Operator) 

Music Credit
Del Byzanteens  (Song Performer ["My Hands Are Yellow"]) 
Phil Kline  (Music) 
Phil Kline  (Music Performer)

Sound Credit
Rick Dior  (Sound) 
Amy Sumner  (Sound Editor) 
Drew Kenin  (Sound Mixer) 


Magnetic Brooklyn ( refers  to "Sleepwalk" 
as  "a feature detailing the strange, surreal events that occur with increasing intensity []"

Sara Driver
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Sara Driver is an independent filmmaker long associated (onscreen and off) with director Jim Jarmusch. She was born in Westfield, New Jersey on the 15th December 1955.

Film Career
Driver made her directorial debut with a short movie entitled You Are Not I which was co-written by Jim Jarmusch in 1981. She then went on to direct her first feature length movie Sleepwalk in 1986. Her other directorial credits include an episode of the tv series Monsters entitled Bed and Boar which was released in 1990 and she then went on to direct her most recent movie When Pigs Fly in 1993. Sara has many production credits on the films of Jim Jarmusch, she was the producer of his second movie Stranger Than Paradise and appears on three of his films in minor roles. She was educated at the American Institute of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece and at New York University's school of film. Driver was a juror at the Miami International Film Festival in 2005.