The Figurenfeld (Field of Figures or Field of Sculptures)
near Eichstaett, Germany

The sculptures embedded in a small valley of the
Franconian Jurassic Mountains (Fraenkische
Alb) constitute an early example of "land art."
They were created by Alois Wuensche-Mitterecker as
an anti-war memorial.

The following images were taken during a guided tour offered by
Prof. Dr. Raimund Wuensche (Muenchen).

Approaching the valley...
Parts of two sculptures are already visible while most of the Figurenfeld is embedded in the hollow in front of the visitors.

One of the "guardian" sculptures, on high, that look down to the "figurenfeld" or field of sculptures
is seen to the right of the visitors...

Walking among the sculptures, in the Figurenfeld...

A close-up of the Figurenfeld (partial view)


Looking back on it, from on high...
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