A Brief Glimpse At Commercial Boycotting.
How Censorship Works In the U.S.

For scientific and documentary purposes, ART IN SOCIETY republishes an unpretentious and basically simply article, not on Fahrenheit 9/11 but on the conditions of making the works of an artist available to the public in today's Western democracies.

The emphasis added by color is not part of the original.
It tries to point out aspects we think are especially noteworthy.

The editor

[Source: CNN.com]

            Some theater chains refuse 'Fahrenheit'
                Movie finding opposition as it expands

                  Friday, July 9, 2004 Posted: 1406 GMT (2206 HKT)

                  LOS ANGELES, California
                  (Hollywood Reporter) -- Michael  Moore's controversial "Fahrenheit
                  9/11" will expand into 286 additional theaters Friday.

                  But if you're an interested moviegoer in
                  Grand Island, Nebraska, or Marquette,
                  Wisconsin, you'll have to drive to at least
                  the next town to view Moore's critique of
                  the Bush administration. Illinois-based
                  GKC Theatres and Iowa-based Fridley
                  Theatres have decided to not screen the

                Both theater chains, which were not in
                  domestic distributor Lions Gate's original
                  800-theater release plan, are protesting
                  the content of Moore's film. According to
                  Fridley Theatres' Web site, the theater
                  chain has received a deluge of e-mails,
                  phone calls and letters, some praising
                  the action and others criticizing it. But a
                  statement from owner Robert Fridley
                  said the company is not playing the film
                  because it believes that "Fahrenheit" is

                  "It has always been and will continue to
                  be our policy to refuse to play what we
                  feel are propaganda films, no matter the
                  source. It was and is our feeling that
                  'Fahrenheit 9/11' falls into that category,"
                  he said.

                  In a statement to a local newspaper,
                  GKC Theatres president Beth Karasotes
                  confirmed that her chain, with 270
                  screens at 29 theaters, will not show
                  Moore's film as long as the country is at

                  "We believe in Michael Moore's freedom
                  to make this movie," Karasotes told the
                  Michigan-based Mining Journal. "We
                  trust that our customers will recognize
                  and respect our own freedom to choose
                  not to show it. During a time of war, the
                  American troops in Iraq need and
                  deserve our undivided support."

                  Calls to Karasotes were not returned.

                  "Fahrenheit 9/11" has already grossed
                  more than $60 million since its release
                  two weeks ago. Lions Gate's expansion
                  into 2,011 theaters is expected to
                  generate an additional $9 million this
                  weekend. Lions Gate Films president of
                  releasing Tom Ortenberg said that, in
                  addition to the two chains in the Midwest,
                  a few independent one- or two-screen
                  theaters also have refused the film.

                  "This is a horrible precedent to be setting
                  for someone to be putting their personal
                  politics above the needs of their
                  community," Ortenberg said. "It raises a lot of
                  issues because in some cases these guys
                  are the only ones in some of these small towns."

                  But Fridley, for one, does not want to be seenas
                  someone imposing any form of censorship.

                  "We do not infer that Michael Moore has no right
                  to make his film and have it distributed," Fridley
                  said. "In fact, if he or anyone in our nation were ever
                  denied that  right, we would be on the front line
                  defending his or her right to make and distribute
                  his or her film. Mr. Moore's and every filmmaker's
                  right to make and distribute a film  is no different than
                  ours ... Mr. Moore has the right to have his message
                  just as we have the right to choose not to be his messenger."

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