Regarding the text "Einige Notizen..."


In 1989, I received a postcard from Barbara Ulrich dated July 20.  It was included in a parcel with a typescript, and it said, “Voilà, your own text! The address of him who is putting together the issue is: 
                          WOLFRAM FRANK
                          c/o Landestheater
                          7400 Tübingen
                          [Tel.] 07071 / 159222
I'm sending him, simultaneously, your text.
Cordial greetings,
                                    Barbara Ulrich"

The text was my type-written text on the film Der Tod des Empedokles, directed by Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet. I had sent this text a short while ago to the filmmakers...
I think that they must have given it to Barbara, and perhaps asked her to find out who might publish it.
The text then appeared (though not in its entirety) in Konkursbuch 23, Reisen ans Ende der Sterne: Revolte / Revolution / Utopie, ed. by Wolfram Frank and Hermann Schuh; ISBN 3-88769-223-3.
I am grateful to Barbara, Wolfram, Jean-Marie  and Danièle and to the founder of Konkursbuch, Claudia Gehrke, who published poetry by me in another issue of her journal.
Barbara Ulrich was with the Landestheater Tübingen at the time. Much later, she was the producer, together with  Sandrine Pillon, Lucie Portehaut, Florence Hugues, of An Heir Jiff - a film by Jean-Marie Straub done in 2010 and released in 2011.  It is the second film of the Barrès series. The cast of this film was : Jean-Marie Straub, Joseph Rottner, Barbara Ullrich [sic], according to an English-language website. 

- aw

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