Tony Morgan

1938    Born in Pickwell, United Kingdom
1960    Departure from London for a 1680 mile march to Rome
1960ff. Lives and works in Rome and Florence
1963ff. Lives and works in Paris
1966ff. Lives and works in London
1969    Starts making films
1969ff .Lives in Dusseldorf
1981    Works in theatre
1984ff. Lives and works in Amsterdam
1989ff. Lives and works in Geneva. 
2004    Died in Geneva, Switzerland

Solo and Group Exhibitions

1963  Solo: Galerie Goldini, Florence
1965  Solo: Galerie Davray, Paris
1966  Solo: Indica Gallery, London
1967  Group: Soundings Three, Signals Gallery, London
          Group: Galerie Denise René, Paris
          Group: Junge Englische Bildhauer, Kunsthalle, Bern
1968  Solo: Galerie Denise René Hans Meyer, Krefeld
          Group: Christopher Paice, Peter Joseph, Basil Beattie, Tony Morgan, 
          Halfmannshof,  Gelsenkirchen
1969  Group: Between 1, Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf 
          Group: Intermedia69, Heidelberg
          Group: Documenta 4, Kassel
1969  Group: Aktionsraum, Munich
1970  Group: Strategy: Get Arts, Edinburgh
          Group: Information Show, MoMA, New York
          Group: Between 4, Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf
          Group: Aktionsraum, Munich
          Performance: People’s Presence, Aktionsraum, Munich
1971  Solo: Galerie Volker Skulima, Berlin
          Group: Prospect 71, Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf
1972  Group: Projection, Louisiana, Copenhagen
1973  Group: Yes Sir, That’s My Baby, Gallery House, London
1974  Group: Transformer, Kunstmuseum, Lucerne/Landesmuseum Graz/Bochum Museum 
          Performance: The Breaking of the Mirror, Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf
1975  Performance: Saltoarte, Musée d’Ixelles, Brussels
1976  Performance: Herman Dances Alone, Gallery De Appel, Amsterdam
          Performance/Installation: Words and Nightclub, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
          Performance: Sh! Quiet, Martinikerk, Groningen
          Performance: Pause, Groningen Theatre, Groningen
          Performance: Blue Wednesday, Festival of Arnhem, Arnhem
1977  Group: Locations, Seriaal Gallery, Amsterdam
1979  Performance: Creation of the Idiots Theatre
          Performance: No More Lies, creation and tour in 1981
1980  Performance: ”Pressure Blues” (with Cécile Bauer), T’Venster Gallery, Rotterdam
1981  Performance: Body Language, Dusseldorf Art Academy,  Institut für Kunsterzieher, 
          Münster, and Akademie voor Kunst en Industrie, Enschede
1982-84 Performances at the Univ. of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule), Aachen
1988  Group: "Unter einem Himmel", Galerie von Schloss Borbeck, Essen (with Nan Hoover and 
1990  Solo: Folkwang Museum, Essen
          Group: Presentation of the film Double Happening (1970) as part of the Robert Filliou 
          retrospective, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris 
2003  Solo: Who the Hell is Herman, Anyway?, Mamco, Geneva
          Group: A Century of Artists’ Film in Britain, Tate Modern, London
2008f.Group: Eating the Universe, Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf
2011  Group: Aktionsraum 1, Mumok, Vienna
2011f.Solo:  Some Films (And Videos), Thomas Dane Gallery, London