The wrapping of the slim, but large-sized volume of poems by Andreas Weiland is shown here
at a presentation of the book in Eichstaett.
Credit: Michael Kleinherne (Donaukurier)

In the context of the art project "ZEIT - WEGE - HIMMEL - PFADE", a  slim volume of poems appeared.
Andreas Weiland,   "höhle / haus / pfad // himmel / fluß / wald. 7 Gedichte". Eichstaett - Meran 2010.
(Limited edition, for book lovers)
The book was printed by Siegfried Höllrigl.
The title page is an original lithography by the artist Li Portenlänger, based on a digitally edited photo of Gagarin.
The poems are in German, the titles are given in English at the margin: "the cave", "the house", "the path", "the sky", "the river", "the woods".

For more information, please contact the Lithowerkstatt Eichstaett.